JS3xtr build released

- Doesn't freeze anymore when you try to inject

Unlimited Ammo and Grenades and Unlimited Health option -
- Few minor bugs fixed -

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Hello and Welcome to Just Cause 3 Cheats World! Today you will discover some really cool cheat tool that you can use for your PC, Xbox360 or PS4. Just Cause 3 has just been released but has already gained huge popularity among gamers.

Check out the photo below while I was testing for unlimited Ammo Option. Crazy, right?

Just Cause 3 Cheats

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JS3xtr Generator for instant Unlimited Ammo and Grenades and Unlimited Health

For Instant excitement and extreme cheats to the game Just Cause 3, we have provided a new generator here at the access page where you can download it and connect to your device using a USB hub and simply put in your desired options and our generator will do the rest for you. Although others may say it is a hack, we simply think it is a new way of exploiting the game. After all, this is all for fun, right. You can also just use a program reader and change the variables yourself but then again, not everyone is tech savy and that is why we developed this stand alone software so you can just plug it and play god mode whenever you feel you need to. Then again, this is all up to you whether you want it or not and simply ignore it. Or you can just follow the simple tricks and normal game cheats that you can apply to the game without need of using our new generator. Choice is yours.

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